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In order to keep the wiki organized, certain questions are subject to being rephrased
  • The question contained bad grammar and spelling errors.
  • The question contained certain words that were upper or lower case, therefore rephrased to be proper case.
  • The question was a duplicate, meaning it had already been asked and therefore was redirected to a similar existing question containing the answer.
Other reasons that a question disappeared
  • The question has been deleted, because...
  • The question was viewed as being spam or vandalism.
  • The question was too vague or incomplete and thus deleted for housekeeping reasons.
  • It was deemed inappropriate for the wiki.
  • Read what is not allowed in Wikia
Some question pages are often considered by the site to be "bad titles"
  • The question is too long
  • The question includes punctuation marks such as . , - / : or !
  • The question has more than one question mark ?
Spam includes attempts to bypass a question that was already asked by...
  • Intentionally spelling certain words with upper and lower case.

→ e.g. "What Is hatsune mikus Character item?" as opposed to viewing, "What is Hatsune Miku's character item?".

  • Intentionally combining two words resulting in a 'mash up'.

→ e.g. "Whois the VocaloidLeon?" as opposed to viewing, "Who is Vocaloid Leon?" or "Who is Leon?".

  • Intentionally phrasing a question with slight modification.

→ e.g. "Galaco's hair color is?" or "What color hair does Galaco have?" as opposed to viewing, "What hair color does Galaco have?"

There are other reasons which are not mentioned above, that doesn't make them exempt from the fact that they can't be answered in a collaborative manner.

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