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Leon and Lola were designed as soul vocalists; therefore their voicebanks reflected certain traits of soul singers. Lola has often been described as having a "Cher" voice, a voice type that is normally associated with a more mature woman and is a sharp contrast to other Vocaloids released, but offers a large vocal tone range. Leon's voice is more typical of his genre and demonstrates this when given the more emotional driven songs and for the purposes of editing he has a highly versatile voicebank. Users find it difficult to adapt to hearing these two Vocaloids sing, and both are subject to complaints by fans who are not aware of the genre they were intended for or from users who do not know how to use them, a similar trait that can be seen in users of Prima and Tonio. More often than not, the reason for the results that led to the complaints is seen is simply because the two Vocaloids were pitched incorrectly or the wrong octave was chosen for the song. The perky, high J-pop songs that Vocaloids like Miku sing are probably the most difficult genre for Leon and Lola to sing.

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