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These are possible reasons on why:

  1. Because he's a male Vocaloid. As you can see, the female:male ratio in Vocaloid is vastly disproportional (perhaps due to KAITO's initial failure), so as a result the female fans flock to the very few males there are in this fandom (even though Len's voiced by a woman).
  2. Because of his age. As wrong as it sounds, Len's given age is 14, the age in which most of his fans are around (sometimes his fans are even older!) so of course they tend to tag male Vocaloids as their new husband/boyfriend/sweetheart/lover.
  3. Because of his looks. This, combined with his official info and his voice, altogether portray him as a cute "shota" (meaning young boy). Most of his fangirls often say that "he's so cute I want to take him home with me~~!"
  4. Because his fangirls like his voice. It increases his "shota" appeal, unlike other male Vocaloids like KAITO or Gakupo who both have deeper-sounding vocals.
  5. Because of his roles in popular songs. His breakthrough song, Servant of Evil, started the popular fan trend of him dying in nearly every song in which he appears (which isn't exactly accurate; Rin, in fact, dies in twice as many songs as he does). His roles in popular songs often put him in a sympathetic light and the fangirls just rush to his comfort. Oftentimes they even proudly mention the fact that he does not die in one song THAT DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM TO BEGIN WITH.
  6. Because of SPICE! This particular popular song of his is quite probably the one that made a thousand fangirls fangasm over the internet. This song by Ryuusei-P (the producer who also made the oft-parodied Magnet and the theoretical sequel to SPICE! that is RIP=RELEASE) depicts a different side to fanon Len, that is, a seductive casanova who continually plays around with several women to satisfy his sexual pleasures. One popular PV expounds on this even more and adds the angle that Len does all those things just to cover up his feelings for his twin-sister Rin, who he eventually rapes. Point is, any Len fangirl will proudly point to this song as one of their favorites, or perhaps even the song that introduced them to him.

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