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When it comes to companies viewing which of their Vocaloid products sale compared to others, that counts as popular to them. However, this is quite difficult to gauge as there has been no real accurate method of measuring the English Vocaloids popularity overall. Therefore, it is entirely up to opinion on what Vocaloid is most popular.

Out of the girls...
  1. In terms of English voicebank usage, if Megurine Luka is counted then she is more popular by far. However, this is no surprise because she is a Crypton Future Media Vocaloid and for various reasons has seen a lot of usage one way or another.
  2. Out of the solely English Vocaloids it is a toss up between Sweet Ann and Prima on who is the most popular female.
  3. Despite the issues with her voicebank, Sonika sold well enough to be a runner up after Prima and Sweet Ann.
  4. This leaves Lola and Miriam as the bottom two, until 2010, Miriam was more popular then Lola. However, in recent Vocloid history users have started experimenting with the Vocaloid engine more and this has cause Lola to be seen in a more positive light.
Out of the boys...
  1. The most popular male, is easily to pick out at this time as Big Al.
  2. Leon is second, mostly because he has a well established song base and usage.
  3. Tonio is third owed to the lesser usage and harder to use voicebank, he has seen the least amount of usage of all English Vocaloids.

In terms of popularity, if Oliver lives up to expectations then he will be set to steal Big Al's crown.