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Yowane Haku is a fanmade character derived from Hatsune Miku, though her design is mainly based on KEI's style for Crypton Vocaloids. Her creator is CAFFEIN, a Japanese artist.

She was created after a humorous posting by someone who bought Vocaloid Miku because her avatar was cute, but when it came to producing a sound with the voicebank, they could not figure out how to do it without Miku sounding mechanical and awful. CAFFEIN created Haku to represent the failures of DTMers[1] who couldn't use synthesizer programs properly, or when they tired they always failed to create anything decent.

While Yowane Haku is meant to be looked at as a DTMer, her existence by the fandom is representing Failed Vocaloids dubbed Voyakiloid.

  1. Desk Top Music maker