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  • Questions on Why (Vocaloid / Utau / MMD) is experiencing an oddity in error

As stated on the Main Page, the Vocaloid Answer Wiki is not an official affiliation of Vocaloid™, Yamaha or associated companies; the Editor(s) of this Wiki are not a part of Yamaha(or various companies) staff, they are not the developers of third party software. Thus they have no inside knowledge of why a certain feature isn't working.

However, contributors may attempt to answers these or direct the questioner to someone experienced with software errors.

  • Questions on How to become (a part of the Vocaloid business / an official illustrator / a Voice provider for Vocaloid), and other similar questions.

As previous stated on the Main Page, the Vocaloid and Answer Wiki consist of contributors and fans, thus they have no inside knowledge on how to be a part of the business involving Vocaloid.

Contributors are free to give their theories, but take caution of the information provided.

  • Questions on What the latest Vocaloid software will be like... in detail

As previous stated on the Main Page, the Vocaloid Wiki consist of contributors and fans who only get information when it is released by the companies. When this information is released to the public, do note it is subject to change, thus some information may be incorrect or obsolete at any given time.

  • Questions on Personal (issues / opinions / feedback) about Vocaloid series/products

Such things are best left to discussing on Vocaloid Wiki itself by using a Blog entry,User page,Wiki Forum, or better yet, a Vocaloid related message board. An attempt to answer these could result in a personal POV, which isn't the best way to answer a question.

  • Question unspecified Not phrased / One-word / Possible spam
These questions will likely have no answer because the questioner did not specify what they wanted to know.


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