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Here are some tips on what makes a good answer

  1. Be based on provable facts
  2. Citing relevant manga chapters or episodes to back up your answer
  3. Answers should be objective, not subjective
  4. Links to relevant pages on Vocaloid Wiki, Fanloid Wiki, UTAU Wiki and other known wikis in relation to Vocaloid, where the user can see further info related to the question
  5. Add a category to the question so that other users know what it is about (See this link for advice on categories)
  6. If you think that the question has already been asked before, redirect it to the earlier question
  7. If you can expand on the information already provided then do so
  8. Answer the question calmly and civilly, no matter what you think of it or the character the question is about
  9. If you find an inappropriate question, for example one that is not about Vocaloid or is offensive, add the {{delete|<reason>}} template to the question.
  10. When in doubt of anything, take it to the question's talk page.

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