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The song tells the sad tale of a Prince and a Witch. A girl (Luka) and a Prince (Gakupo) fall in love. A Nun (Miku) who sees the couple together grows jealous, as she has harbored her love for the prince for a long time. The Nun thinks that the girl must have used Black Magic to have the Prince fall in love with her and declares her a Witch. The Prince, a follower in the church, reluctantly believes the Nun. The town burns her at the stake, with the Prince cutting her long hair and tieing her to the stake. The girl, now Witch, begins to cry and reflects on the time when she and the Prince were happy together. She then grows black wings and breaks free of the rope tied around her, flying off into the night. That leaves the question, was the Nun right in thinking she was a Witch?  Also, some people believe that the prince at the end realized that she was not a witch, and he came running to take her back, only to find her gone leaving only a few feathers behind.

A popular interpretation of the ending is that the girl was not a Witch, but an Angel.