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My theory

I believe its about a girl who see's her boyfriend cheating on her, so she gets mad and kills him. The black haired girl (I assume that her name is Lynne :B) is the insane one, My theory is after she killed him she died on the train tracks. The white haired girl is sane however. I think Lynne made the train tracks never ending, which explains why the white haired girl can't get through.

Theory One

Another theory is the girl has a sickness called the "Lynne Dissorder" and sees her boyfriend cheating on her and her killing him, but she wakes up and its a hallucination, so she tries to kill herself on the train tracks (Thus her attempting suicide" This is one of the most popular theories.

Theory Two

This theory is highly unlikley but I figured I would include it for reasons. Some people think that the black hair girl is Lynne and she haunts the train tracks by bringing other people onto the train tracks and causing them to go insane, like she did. (Thus the white haired girl)

It depends on what you think it is, these are just a few theories, hope this helps. 23:33, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

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