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Despite years of anniversaries passing the characters remain the same age as is printed on their box art or official website. The E-Capsule company, in Taiwan, distributes PFX V2 and Zero-G V2 Vocaloids; under E-Capsule the characters have ages, but under their original developer some do not.

Vocaloid 1


  • Leon /officially has no traits
  • Lola /officially has no traits
  • Miriam /officially has no age


  • Meiko /officially has no age
  • Kaito /officially has no age

Vocaloid 2


  • Sweet Ann /23 (twenty three) by e-capsule
  • Big Al /25 (twenty five) and /21 (twenty one) by e-capsule
  • Prima /18 (eighteen) by e-capsule
  • Sonika /17 (seventeen)
  • Tonio /27 (twenty seven) by e-capsule


  • SF-A2 miki /officially has no age
  • Kaai Yuki /9 (nine)
  • Hiyama Kiyoteru /22 (twenty two) in Ice Mountain group
  • Nekomura Iroha /officially has no age
  • VY1 /officially has no traits
  • VY2 /officially has no traits
  • Hatsune Miku /16 (sixteen)
  • Kagamine Rin /14 (fourteen)
  • Kagamine Len /14 (fourteen)
  • Megurine Luka /20 (twenty)
    • Hatsune Miku Append /still 16 (sixteen)
    • Kagamine Rin Append /still 14 (fourteen)
    • Kagamine Len Append /still 14 (fourteen)
Internet Co
  • (Gackpoid) Kamui Gakupo /officially has no age
  • (Megpoid) Gumi /officially has no age
  • Lily /officially has no age
  • (Gachapoid) Ryuto /officially has no age.
    • Stating that he's 5 (five years old) is simply a joke in reference to Gachapin's age.
  • Utatane Piko /officially has no age.

Vocaloid 3


PowerFX / VocaTone
  • Oliver /12 (twelve)
  • YOHIOloid /officially has no age
  • Avanna /18 (eighteen)


Voctro Labs
  • Bruno /officially has no age.
  • Clara /officially has no age.
  • MAIKA /officially has no age
  • ONA /officially has no age


  • IA /officially has no age.
    • Stating that she's 15 (fifteen years old) is due to a mistranslation. On 1st PLACE's website it explains that Lia, the voice provider, debuted in America at 15 years old.
  • Yuzuki Yukari /officially has no age.
  • VY1V3 /still officially has no traits
  • VY2V3 /still officially has no traits
  • Kaito V3 /still officially has no age
Exit Tunes
  • Mayu /14 (fourteen)
Internet Co
  • Vocaloid 3 Gackpoid /still officially has no age.
  • Vocaloid 3 Megpoid /still officially has no age.
  • CUL /officially has no age.
  • Vocaloid 3 Lily /still officially has no age.
  • Vocaloid 3 Gachapoid /still officially has no age.
i-Style Project
  • Aoki Lapis /officially has no age.
  • Merli /officially has no age.
Moe Japan
  • Tone Rion /16 (sixteen)
  • Ring Suzune /14 (fourteen)
  • Hibiki Lui /12 (twelve)
  • Mew /officially has no age.


SBS Artech
  • SeeU /17 (seventeen)


Bplats / Shanghai He Nian
  • Luo Tianyi /14 (fourteen)
  • YANHE /17 (seventeen)

Misc. Vocaloids

Internet Co
  • Galaco /officially has no age.
  • Akikoloid-chan /officially has no age.
Music Airport
  • Ueki-loid /currently has no information on his age.

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Notice to contributors When it comes to (fandom given age)pseudo-age for official characters, please create a separate page and answer the question accordingly by using the most common age the fans use.

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