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Please, do not use or view this information as official because only the official artists would know what colors were used. This page is listing colors based on the boxart and original mascot illustration, any other sources will be secondary mentions.

This page attempts to list colors in their most basic form in order to minimize debating based on a color's shade. Also nail color has primarily been associated with Crypton Vocaloid 2s. For other characters their nails are: not colored, not visible, and for some they have no nails at all. This is likely due to the artist simplifying the anatomy.

Vocaloid 1


  • Leon /officially has no traits
  • Lola /officially has no traits
  • Miriam /no nails, stock photo is bust shot only


  • Meiko /no nails, they are red in other media sources
  • Kaito /no nails, they are blue in other media sources

Vocaloid 2


  • Sweet Ann /no visible nails, illustration is bust shot only /blue by e-capsule
  • Big Al /black
  • Prima /no nails, stock photo is profile shot only, and e-capsule ver has clinched fist
  • Sonika /pink (original 2009) /black(right) and purple(left) (Nov 2009) /black by e-capsule
    • With the Nov 2009, it could be assumed that due to lighting, all of her fingernails are purple.
  • Tonio /no nails, stock photo is bust shot only, and e-capsule has no color


  • SF-A2 miki /no visible nails, wearing gloves, while second design has no nail color
  • Kaai Yuki /no nail color
  • Hiyama Kiyoteru /no nail color
  • Nekomura Iroha /no visible nails, wearing speakers
  • VY1 /officially has no traits
  • VY2 /officially has no traits
  • Hatsune Miku /aquamarine, commonly described
    • It is not incorrect to simply view her nails as green or blue. Other colors include (aqua, teal, turquoise).
  • Kagamine Rin /yellow
  • Kagamine Len /yellow
  • Megurine Luka /light blue
    • Hatsune Miku Append /aquamarine
    • Kagamine Rin Append /yellow
    • Kagamine Len Append /yellow
Internet Co
  • (Gackpoid) Kamui Gakupo /purple
  • (Megpoid) Gumi /no nails
  • Lily /blue
  • (Gachapoid) Ryuto /no nail color
  • Utatane Piko /gray, could be viewed as silver

Vocaloid 3


PowerFX / VocaTone
  • Oliver /no nail color
  • Avanna /no nail color


Voctro Labs
  • Bruno /no nail color
  • Clara /red


  • IA /no nail color
  • Yuzuki Yukari /no nail color
  • VY1v3 /still officially has no traits
  • VY2v3 /still officially has no traits
  • Kaito Vocaloid 3 /blue
Exit Tunes
  • Mayu /no visible nails, wearing gloves
Internet Co
  • Vocaloid 3 Gackpoid /purple
  • Vocaloid 3 Megpoid /orange (adult;power) /orange and green (sweet;whisper)
  • CUL /red
  • Vocaloid 3 Lily /blue
  • Vocaloid 3 Gachapoid /no nail color
i-Style Project
  • Aoki Lapis /no visible nails, wearing gloves
  • Merli /no nail color
Moe Japan
  • Tone Rion /no nail color
    • It can be assumed they are light pink, however the artist's style suggest other wise.
  • Ring Suzune /no nail color
  • Hibiki Lui /no nail color
  • Mew /no nail color (assumed)
    • The official illustration is done in black and white, making it unknown if her nails are any other color(s).


SBS Artech
  • SeeU /no nail color


Bplats / Shanghai He Nian
  • Luo Tianyi /no nail color

Misc. Vocaloids

Internet Co
  • Galaco /no visible nails, due to clinched fist and hand in hair
  • Akikoloid-chan /no visible nails, wearing gloves
Music Airport
  • Ueki-loid /no nail color

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