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There is no Vocloid considered the best. The Vocaloid 3 program is considered an improvement to Vocaloid 2, and easier to use with high performance and Vocaloids used on the Vocaloid 3 program have higher quality voice banks example Vy2v3 is considered to be the highest quality male voice, however, the voice bank you like the most between era 1, 2 and 3 are in your opinion to be the best one to get but many Vocaloids before Vocaloid 3 are no longer supported so keep that in mine.

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That's up for you to decide. Pick the one you like best, there are so many to choose from. If you're going for QUALITY of the voicebank, don't go for the CV series, their voicebanks suck. If you're going for SOUND, then go for the CV series, since they were created based on sound, not realism. If you want REALISTIC, go for one of the V3s (VY1V3, VY2V3, IA, etc). Also look for the language you want. English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese are what's available at the moment.

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This guide is referring to Vocaloid best suited for beginners. It is not referring to what the best voice bank is based purely on opinionated view.