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The lyrics tell of the singer being unable to sleep late at night, due to a number of disturbances that they list in the verses, such as the blare of city lights, the sound of rain and a burn in their stomach. During the bridges, they recall dreaming of strangling a 'you' in a romanticised setting. At the chorus, the singer declares their desire to jump into a nuclear reactor core, in order to let go of everything and finally go to sleep.

At the middle section, the singer mentions a laughing that exists only in their head. Their ears are ringing, and they recall dreaming of everyone disappearing, before declaring that the atmosphere has grown so heavy they can no longer breathe. They once more sing of their desire to leap into a reactor core, and their opinion that the world will become a much better place once they are gone.

The visuals of the original music video indicate that the 'you' being strangled is a younger Rin. As such the song has two different major interpretations: that the singer is discussing pervasive suicidal thoughts over the course of the song, or that the singer intends to destroy their past self and start anew.