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Engloids is the term used for the English Vocaloids. "Engloid" is a combination of the words "English" and "Vocaloid".

Its exact meaning seems to vary and is all based on the opinion of the user;

  • "English capable Vocaloid" (All English capable Vocaloids)
  • "English only Vocaloid" (Only those that do English, bilinguals are not counted)
  • "English primary Vocaloid" (First language is English, regardless of what else they have voicebank wise, Luka would be discounted in this since English is her second language)
  • "English made Vocaloid"(Vocaloids made for the English market only; PowerFX and Zero-G Vocaloids only)
  • Etc.

Most do not consider Luka a Engloid, so it pretty much sums up the most common interpretation of the word. Its the same as SeeU is a Korean Vocaloid despite having Japanese capabilities.

Similarly, Japanese Vocaloids get nickname J-loid, Japanloid or Japaloid (note; "Japloid" should not be used as its considered racist to say "Jap"), Spanish Vocaloids sometimes get called Espanloids or Spanloids and Korean Vocaloids, K-loids.

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