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A term used to describe faux Vocaloid characters who are created with the intention of convincing the fandom that they are official YAMAHA based Vocaloids. Example of a notable Vipperloid would be Kasane Teto, Kasane Ted, Sukone Tei, SCOTT, Namine Ritsu, Yokune Ruko, Ooka Miko, Rook and Hinomoto Oniko.

Vipperloids are put out to trick naive fans into believing a new Vocaloid will be released. [1][2] Often they go onto become Utau, if copyright ownership of the character allows it. However most are pointed out straight away as fans have become doubtful of a Vocaloid's existence until the studios has given word on the new addition.

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See - What is a (title)loid?

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