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Fanmade Vocaloids are characters created by the fandom(Vocaloid fans), who were inspired by the official Vocaloid characters. Many of these characters are direct inspirations, thus having a design similar to an official Vocaloid that simply had a palette swap.

There are different kinds of fanmades and there is no restriction on how they can be created or what series they can represent, though much of the fandom create Cryptonesque characters. A majority of these characters have no voicebank though there are some creators who use official software to design one for them, yet due to the software being expensive for some, it is common to see an original Vocaloid become a UTAUloid and making it possible for the character to have a voice.

  • Akita Neru, model after Miku, but with a completely original design. She is a Boukaloid.
  • Yowane Haku, a representation of Miku songs that sound bad. She is a Voyakiloid.
  • Hachune Miku, a super deformed mascot with an agape expression, she carries a spring onion.
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Glossary terms
  • Fanmade
  • Fanloid (Fan Vocaloid)
  • Derived
  • Derivative
  • Variant
  • 派生キャラ (hasei kyara) species character derived
  • の派生キャラクタ (no hasei kyara kuta) derived character

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