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See the page Vocaloid Lingo for a list of (title)loid that are common within the fandom.

The "loid" in the title of Vocaloid is presumed (don't take this as factual) to be taken from Android, with Vocal placed at the beginning, so basically "Vocal(Singing) Android" with digital vocalization.

As Vocaloid grew in popularity gradually the fandom responded by creating their own loids based on the concept of it. Though there are the few that branch out to create their own series title. The Vipperloid and Utauloid was the earliest concept for (title)loid within the fandom, though the preferred title for Utauloid is just UTAU.

Common loid concepts
In Japanese, 防火ロイド or 防火LOID is a play on words. It literally means Fireproof-loid and has the same pronunciation as Vocaloid in Japanese. See this blog entry for detailed information Vocaloid Description. Example of a notable Boukaloid would be Akita Neru.
A term used to describe Vocaloids that are capable of singing in the English language or Vocaloids that were created with the intention of singing in English. Example of a notable Engloid would be Sweet Ann.
A term used to describe synthesizing software for Garageband which runs on the MacOS, called the Macne series.
A term used to describe voicebanks that are created and function by use the Vocal Synthesizer Tool UTAU, with accompanying personified avatars (original characters). Example of a notable UTAUloid would be Defoko.
A term used to describe faux Vocaloid characters who are created with the intention of convincing the fandom that they are official YAMAHA based Vocaloids. Example of a notable Vipperloid would be Kasane Teto, Kasane Ted, Sukone Tei, SCOTT, Namine Ritsu, Yokune Ruko, Ooka Miko, Rook and Hinomoto Oniko.
Vipperloids are put out to trick naive fans into believing a new Vocaloid will be released. [1][2] Often they go onto become Utau, if copyright ownership of the character allows it. However most are pointed out straight away as fans have become doubtful of a Vocaloid's existence until the studios has given word on the new addition.
A term used to describe fanmade Vocaloids that are representations of failure to produce a pleasing result using the Vocaloid program. Example of a Voyakiloid would be Yowane Haku.