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once apon a time, two young kids found their lives at the brink of dispair. thus thinking their lives were over in their dull, decayed world. But the boy had found something he wanted to keep secret, But not from the girl he loved. So, he finds her and asks her if she would love to see a change in their world. she was hesitant to the question. he said to her "Let's run away from here... as far as we can and never look back!..." she repiled "o-okay..." so he grabbed her hand and ran for the world's canopy above. the ran and ran until they came across the acendance tower. it was forbidden to go through, but they proceed. As they climbed higher and higher they found them selves at a door to a forgotten world. the boy said "Here it is!" the girl asked, " the door...?" He held her in front of him with eyes covered and slowly opened the door to a sunny, bright world filled with an array of flowers and a small torn down castle. there, they rest for the longest time possible... happy... till their last breath. the end. Hope you enjoyed!