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A ".VSQ" (referring to "voice sequence") file is the file extension which contains the vocal data for a song in Vocaloid 2, replacing the previous method of saving files in "Vocaloid Standard MIDI" format. VSQ files can be used for any Vocaloid and are accessed via the software "File" menu. Some users of the software also allow easy access to their VSQ files, by uploading them onto the internet for others to use. Vocaloids such as Iroha Nekomura may also contain additional VSQ files given away free with the software. However, this is not a standard procedure for the Vocaloids and most are found by asking other fans for links to the places for download.

The VSQ file format is based on the MIDI file format, with Vocaloid 2-specific extensions stored as MIDI "text" messages in a format similar to Windows configuration (INI) files.

Easy VSQ file access has also led to the numerous cover songs of songs found on Youtube such as the overwhelming number of the versions of Magnet and each version of the Bad Romance cover. Popipo, Love is War and Saihate are also songs that have VSQ made ready for download. Take note, however, not all of the VSQ files of popular songs were made by the producers of the original songs and some were fan replicas, such as is the case with both versions of the song Magnet commonly found passed around the fandom. Though the lyrics are identical, timing and delicate parameter controls may not be the same as the original. The majority of the Vocaloid fandom who frequents Youtube, but do not regularly visit forums, are largely unaware how many cover songs come to exist, remaining unaware of the existence of VSQ files or what they are.

Some fans are particularly cautious about handing out their files, as they fear fans stealing the files and misusing them. Japanese fans in particular are highly cautious at times, as the members of the western fandom may be seen stealing files without permission. In the event of a VSQ file stealing, they may even discontinue the spread of their VSQ files via the internet, or take their business out of the public sector. Many members of the Vocaloid fandom are particular harsh towards those who pass VSQ files around without care or caution, and this goes for both in Japan and the Western fandoms alike. Many Vocaloid producers already keep their files tightly locked behind passwords if they are willing to spread their files around, while others are only passed around within the elite communities if they are spread around at all, handing out the files to those they consider trustworthy.

A VSQ file is considered one of the most valuable aspect of song writing, it represents someone’s work, possibly hours spent perfecting note and lyrics, as well as tempo timing.

Songs made in Vocaloid 2 are compatible with Vocaloid if they are saved as Vocaloid Standard MIDI files. Vocaloid Standard MIDI files can be opened in Vocaloid 2 and Vocaloid, but VSQ files cannot be opened in Vocaloid.


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