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Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational automaker headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan.

In May Toyota became the sponsor for Crypton Future Media's star Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku. Miku had an upcoming July concert in Los Angeles, America at the Nokia theater. Toyota approached Crypton Future Media asked permission if they could use Miku to promote a new car. Crypton granted permission allowing them to do so. Part of the reason for it was because Crypton Future Media were about to start their promotions within America on Vocaloid and Hatsune Miku.

In exchange for sponsoring Miku and covering the financial cost, Toyota made her the mascot of their car, the Corolla.

What songs were used in the Corolla campaign?
  • Supercell ft Hatsune Miku "(The) World is Mine"
  • Otomania cover w/ Hatsune Miku "Ievan Polkka"
What is Mikunopolis?

Mikunopolis is the official concert name of Miku in LA.

Who are the artists of Corolla style Miku?

so far the following have been named

  • Alvin Lee
  • Zain
Why was Miku's appearance changed for the campaign? Does this affect her appearance in general?

The design was at the request of the Toyota. Alvin Lee explains this fully on this DA uploads of Corolla Miku.
Hatsune Miku's appearance was meant to be slightly more mature. When it comes to Miku's attire there is a slight difference from KEI, instead of one skirt stripe and single floating ribbons, she now has two.

The Corolla style Miku was created to be flashy and fitting, specifically for the campaign and the mainstream American audience. This appearance does not change the character (as she has no personality) nor has it been stated that this is the look for her English voicebank.

Corolla style Miku is just another type of way to view Miku, similar to her many outfits of Project DIVA or when she is featured in an original Promotional Video (PV).

Will more Vocaloids be sponsored by Toyota?

Thus far it only seems to be Crypton Future Media. And although Luka and the Kagamines were featured at the concert the main focus is Miku.

What is with the Bacon-Wrapped Hot dog?!

The Mexican-style bacon-wrapped hot dog is the official hot dog of California, Los Angeles.