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What is Hatsune Miku's character item

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku's officially acknowledged character item is a Negi (Spring Onion). It is mistakenly and commonly referred to as a Leek due to their similarities and the popular meme Leekspin.

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Why does Miku carry a spring onion?

It's associated with a popular song she covered called "Ievan Polkka" which ultimately became her character item. There is no important purpose, unless you count the history with early songs and promotional videos featuring Miku.

Isn't the item based on her hair?

No, the meme came before the realization that her hair could possible resemble a negi. Associating a mascot's hairstyle and color to base an item on, was a much later activity.

Why does Hachune Miku have the same item?

Because technically Hachune Miku is Hatsune Miku. The image of a super deformed Miku became popular with the fandom, it was viewed as a derivative and eventually a mascot. Hachune is now considered a separate entity from the original Miku.

Additional info

Outside Japan, the favorite item of Miku (character item) is recognized to be a "leek" (リーキ, 西洋ネギ, ニラネギ). However, in Japan, it is a spring onion or a scallion (葱, ネギ, negi). This misunderstanding continues currently due to the "Loituma Girl" which is the cause of the setting of the "negi" enthusiast of Miku. In Japan, it is recognized that the leek is a different plant from the spring onion although they resemble each other. Crypton and Sega however do recognize it as her western character item along with her spring onion in Project Diva 2nd where "leek" is written on a box in the song "Kocchi Muite Baby".


(Origin 0) Me-Tan, who wields a Negi (firewall named NEGiES) to defend herself.

(Origin 1)(the part of 5:19~?)
"Bleach" ep2

(Origin 2)(Song)
Loituma - Ievan Polkka

(Origin 3)(So called "Loituma Girl","Leek spin")
Loituma Girl

And then, the Vocaloid video (made by Otomania in Sep.04.2007)(picture by Tamago)
"Ievan Polkka"

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