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What does Shion mean?

Shion (始音) can mean "First sound" or "Beginning sound". Similar to how Hatsune Miku's name translates to "First sound of the future".

Is "Shion" really Kaito's last name?

Kaito does not have an official last name. Fans have given him the fanmade last name "Shion" for a currently unknown reason, it's presumed fans gave Kaito a last name to match the later Crypton releases who have their own set of official last names that relate to their character.

This fan given last name has no official holding.

Does Kaito have any brothers or sisters?

Kaito does not have any siblings as far as officials say. If Kaito does have any brothers or sisters, it is most likely that you saw a fanmade. They are known as the "Shion Family", they are unofficial siblings to Kaito.

Who are the Shion brothers?

The name "Shion" is applied to characters that are derived from Vocaloid KAITO. They are commonly viewed as being siblings. The names of the characters are also a derived from Kaito and usually include a pun in relation to theme color and/or design.

The Shion brothers are numerous in creation, so it is near impossible to gather them all. However, their are prominent characters that managed to grab fandom attention.

What are the names of the most known Shion brothers?

The following
  • Shion Akaito, a male Fanmade Vocaloid that is a red themed derivative of Kaito.
  • Shion Kikaito, a male Fanmade Vocaloid that is a yellow themed derivative of Kaito.
  • Shion Mokaito, a male Fanmade Vocaloid that is a brown themed derivative of Kaito.
  • Shion Nigaito, a male Fanmade Vocaloid that is a green themed derivative of Kaito. .
  • Shion Taito, a male Fanmade Vocaloid that is a purple themed derivative of Kaito.
  • Shion Zeito, a male Fanmade Vocaloid that is the black themed derivative of Kaito
  • Shion Kageito, a male Fanmade Vocaloid that is the shadow themed derivative of Kaito

Who is Kaiko?

Kaiko is a fanmade Vocaloid that is a genderswap of Kaito. It is common to replace to "To" at the end of Kaito derivative's names, with "Ko" to generate a genderswap of the respected character.

Additional info

How many Shions are there?

Many of them. It is estimated over 100. It is the fanbase that continues to create derivatives using the fan-given surname.

Do the Shions have series numbers?

It depends on who created the character and if they provided them with a series number. Due to them being derived from Kaito they often don't have numbers.

Do the members of the Shion family have character items?

Due to the many Shion derivatives the possibility of a character item varies depending on who created the character or what becomes popular associated with the character by fans.

The few that are known
  • Kaito has ice cream
  • Akaito has a habanero pepper
  • Nigaito, some fans say an apple, for others it is green tea.
  • Taito has an ice pick
  • Zeito has a yo-yo
  • Kageito, some say his character item is the mask aside his face, for others, it is dango.
  • Mokaito has coffee

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