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What does CV01 mean?

CV01 is a just a model name for Hatsune Miku. CV means Character Vocal. 01 is a number that represented that she was the first in Crypton's Character Vocal Series (not to be confused with the first Vocaloid or the first Vocaloid 2). When combined, it makes Character Vocal 01 also known as CV01!

Others in Crypton's Character Vocal Series that have been released have numbers on them also, but they go up one from order of release.

Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len are CV02 because they were released after Miku together as a package.

Megurine Luka is CV03 because she was released after Miku and the Kagamines.

Crypton Future Media are working on a male CV04 currently.

MEIKO and KAITO do not have a CV number despite being released before Miku due to the fact that Crypton wanted to start something fresh for Vocaloid 2. MEIKO and KAITO are also a part of their own series as proffessional vocals for proffessional composers. Most people tend to put the numbers "00" as their number as a fan made speculation, but they also like to use CRV1 and CRV2 for them due to the code being on the side of their package boxes. The CRV1 and CRV2 most likely stand for Crypton Vocal 1 and Crypton Vocal 2 due to MEIKO and KAITO being the first two vocals Crypton Future Media released for the original Vocaloid software.

When will Crypton's CV04 will be release?

Crypton has said that they will release CV04. However, whether it will be on Vocaloid3 or Vocaloid 2 is still unknown.

Crypton Future Media will be focused on their current Vocaloids until summer 2012, it is unknown if he will be released then. Therefore new voicebanks are not going to appear any time soon.

When was the last time any information about CV04 was released?

There hasn't been information on him in a while (2010), we are only ensured he is still on the way. Meiko/Kaito Append and the English voicebanks from Crypton Future Media appear to be the next products coming before him.

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