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What is the Chinese Virtual idol's name?

Her name is supposedly Dong Fang Zhi Zi, roughly translated as "The Eastern cape jasmine". She is also known as Gardenia (another possible interpretation of her name). Her name written out in Chinese is 東方梔子

Some people call her "Chinaloid", but this not an official name.

Is she a part of the Vocaloid: China project?

No, she is not.

The only Chinese Vocaloid currently developed are YANHE , Luo Tianyi, and Yuezheng Ling. The others are only presented as mascots, they are Mo Qingxian, Zhiyu Moke, and Yuezheng Longya.

Is she a Vocaloid?

From what is known, no, she is not a Vocaloid, although she is a program made to sing much like a Vocaloid. And it is highly likely that her voice is provided by a real singer with vocal modifications to sound synthesized, similar to Vocaloids with their 'robot twang'.

Feb/10/'13 In January 2013, Dong Fang Zhi Zi received a voicebank by means of the UTAU program, her voice provider is Shan Shan. She, along with 38 other Mandarin UTAU, were featured in the upload "Tomorrow Will Be Better", a Chinese pop song.[1] Her voicebank is said to be monopitch single sound bank, with mandarin sounds only, though she can sing in Japanese with proper aliasing/otoing. There are reviews that she is a bit difficult to work with due to her voice provider not using a microphone that allowed for clear recording.[2][3]

When did she appear?

Her presence was known on the internet around early May 2012, but searching her pinyin name reveals work from early March 2012. It is unknown how long her development was before the mentioned date.

What does she look like?

She is depicted as a Chinese female with long red hair in twin tails. She wears a sleeved top that shows her navel, a skirt and thigh high boots. It can be assumed that her costume is based on her namesake, a red jasmine. See here

What is the controversy surrounding Dong Fang Zhi Zi?

For some Vocaloid fans, China's virtual idol is seen as plagiarism of Japanese Vocaloids. Although such technology and performance by computer generated characters have been around for years, the design of the character is said to hold too many similarities to Hatsune Miku.

The idol has been negatively referred to as:

  • The fake Miku
  • The Miku clone
  • Chinese Miku
  • Hatsune Miku rip-off

Though it should be noted the situation and character have received some positive views as well. She has been referred to as 'cute' or 'Red Miku', for example.

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