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The Vocaloid Answers Wiki will 'attempt' to display information about a Vocaloid's item and or common theme. The items, themes, companions and eventually the explanations should all be viewed with caution. Please, do not use or view this information as official or being widely accepted. This page is subject to interpretation, possible bias, and vandalism.
Thus this page is currently Semi-protected against new and unregistered users.

The "Item Wars" have slowly diminished and most are done for nothing more then fun. Items are determined from popular artwork, internet memes and ideas. It is basically a community effort to propose a common item. When the community can not decide, then an item war spawns, the character is left without an item or hovers between having one and not having one.

This page in no way dictates how the fandom should view items, but it does have standards for additions due to it being publicly accessible.

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  • This page list character items, themes, and companions that are acknowledge and unacknowledged.
  • The items not recognized by an official company are considered unofficial. Therefore any entry that does not have the words "Officially acknowledged" (in blue) is not to be taken as legitimate.
  • Other colored text include:
    Unofficial (in red). This means fandom acknowledgment, but also subject to changes, which is the reason for the secondary text on some entries.
    Not determined (in green). This means little-to-no fandom activity, or lack of sourced information. A discuss can be created to find an active source.
  • The reference buttons are below the listed characters, this is attempt to provide evidence to readers that an item's connection has some status within the fandom.
Notice to contributors
  • Any edits deemed unacceptable will be reverted.
  • Do not force an item onto this page, character items take community effort not a single persons made up mind.
  • Please edit accordingly and with common sense, this page should not be edited with additional items unless sourced and or discussed. Acceptable sources are :
    • Frequency of the item in fanworks by numerous amount of uploads.
    • Notable mentions (aka. Shout-outs) from official staff of a Vocaloid's company.
    • Official merchandise approved by a Vocaloid's company.
    • Public forums or social sites where fans frequently agreed with suggestions. However, this is subjective.
  • There is a reason why the item page and infobox parameter on the Vocaloid wiki was eventually abolished, both the item page and infobox became a target of edit warring for Vocaloids that did not have an item.
  • Do note that despite the fact that some English Vocaloids have items assigned to them, they were not conceived through meme status and most were derived from the Vocaloid Otaku forums. Which leads to a debate of the current items being accepted or acknowledged by fans outside of the forum, as the results show the items are rarely referenced in the Vocaloid culture.

Vocaloid 1


  • Leon (Tulips / Flowers) Unofficial
  • Lola (Frying pan) Unofficial
  • Miriam (Lipstick) Unofficial

Leon's item is presumed to have its origin from his cover of "Saihate" and headcanon fanart because Leon officially has no traits. The origin of Lola's item has become lost, however it continues to be occasionally acknowledged by fans. And like Leon, Lola has no official traits. Miriam's item was proposed due to the animation of a lipstick tube upon loading Stockley's website.

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  • Meiko (One cup Ozeki / Sake bottle) Officially acknowledged
  • Kaito (Ice cream) Officially acknowledged

Their items are now seen in figurines and other sources. With Miku's item a success the fans moved onto Meiko and Kaito. Early works from 2008 depicts Meiko being a lover of alcohol, the reasons were never clear, varied from fan-to-fan and simply caught on with the fandom. Kaito's item was the result of a parody a producer did by using Hatsune Miku. Another producer with Kaito responded to the video and had Kaito make a statement about eating ice cream. This performance and proposed item was enough to boost Kaito's popularity.

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Vocaloid 2


  • Sweet Ann (Fried chicken) Unofficial and debated
  • Big Al (Pocket watch / Race car / Penguin) Unofficial

The origins of Sweet Ann's item has become lost, however it continues to be occasionally acknowledged by fans. Big Al's item reference his late release and was inspired by the White Rabbit from alice in Wonderland. The race car (Japan fans interpretation "mecha pilot" clothing) and penguin theme is fan interpretation of his clothing, and it is this rare mention that Western and Japanese fans agree with one another. the penguin came form Japanese fans noticed that, along with his hairstyle, he looked like a Rock hopper Penguin.

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  • Prima (Wine / Knife / Deadly implements) Unofficial
  • Sonika (A Ring / Bell / Pineapple / Pineapple grenade) Unofficial and not determined
  • Tonio (Martini) Officially acknowledged

Prima's proposed item is attempt to reference sophistication due to the origin of opera, while the weapons is in reference to those Western fans who attempted to download Vocaloid illegally. Sonika is the victim of 'item war', and it has yet to be settled, but isn't uncommon to see artwork containing the items, therefore her entry is marked in red. The ring is proposed based on her name being similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, the bells were quickly proposed based on her demo song "Ring my Bell", and a pineapple theme is reference to her colors and outfit top. There are comical mentions to simply combined the items and create a Pineapple grenade. Tonio's item was referenced in Twitter by "Sonika", but before that the Western fandom had already proposed alcoholic drinks simply based on Tonio's headcanon appearances and the stock model's other photos.

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  • SF-A2 miki (Cherries) Unofficial
  • Kaai Yuki (Apples / Pudding / Recorder) Unofficial, generic
  • Hiyama Kiyoteru (Coffee / Notebook) Unofficial, generic
  • Nekomura Iroha (Hello Kitty items) Unofficial and not determined

SF-A2 miki was the victim of a short 'item war'. During her release the Japanese fandom proposed cherries in reference to her hair. However, a few other red items cropped up, but eventually the cherries became the popular choice. The references chosen are basic examples and don't show the magnitude of the situation. Yuki's current items are presumed to be based on overall design and personal stats. It is a similar situation for Kiyoteru, who is a teacher and thus associated with the items by design. Iroha never had directly proposed items and the suggestions for Hello Kitty items and apple themes largely comes from Western fans due to Iroha's origins.

[23] [24]

  • VY1 (Hand fan / Hair pin / Kimono) Unofficial
  • VY2 (Wakizashi / Unagi pie) Unofficial

Due to both Vocaloids having no official design, it is the fandom that uses the objects and colors on the characters boxart to build a concept. The frequent items seen with the personified characters are a hand fan and a sword respectively.

The personification of VY2 that is commonly referred to as Roro (66), has been seen with the food item known as Unagi pie, a pastry that includes freshwater eel. It appears in the PVs presented by uramanbou

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  • Hatsune Miku (Negi) Officially acknowledged
  • Kagamine Rin (Road Roller / Orange) Officially acknowledged
  • Kagamine Len (Road Roller / Banana) Officially acknowledged
  • Megurine Luka (Tuna / Tako Luka) Officially acknowledged
    • Hatsune Miku Append /items remained as mentioned above
    • Kagamine Rin Append /items remained as mentioned above
    • Kagamine Len Append /items remained as mentioned above

For the V2 Crypton Vocaloids their items are now seen in figurines and other sources. Miku's items was birthed from her cover of "Ievan Polkka" which has connections to the Loituma Girl meme. The Kagamine's item came from a dispute that eventually settled on a Road Roller after a video upload to NicoNicoDouga by loadorigin on December 1, 2007. This item won favor over other proposed items such as an Orange for Rin and a Banana for Len, which are presumed to be based on their hair and clothing. It is Luka that the term 'Item War' is commonly associated with. The frozen tuna item succeed after many other objects were suggested and drawn for Luka. It is the creation of Tako Luka that stopped the skirmishes about items.

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Internet Co., Ltd
  • (Gackpoid) Kamui Gakupo (Eggplant) Officially acknowledged
  • (Megpoid) Gumi (Carrot) Officially acknowledged
  • Lily (Railroad crossing signs / Honey Bee) Officially acknowledged
  • (Gachapoid) Ryuto (Discuss) Not determined

For the characters that have items, they are now seen in figurines and other media. The origin of Gakupo's item is presumed to be based on his design and colors. And the appearance of The Eggplant Horse (茄子の馬; Nasu no Uma) grew more popular after videos of "Dancing Samurai". Gumi and Lily were also a victims of 'Item War', as reported on Nicopedia. However, with Gumi it was common to have her item be vegetable related, it is carrots that became obvious due to her design; another mention is Cucumber Horse, this would match her with Gakupo's item and general Japanese culture. For Lily her items are based her design of black and yellow, with the earliest fanworks leaning towards crossing signs or caution tape.

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  • Utatane Piko (USB plug / Guitar) Unofficial

With Piko's popularity fluctuating within the fandom, there has been little activity in proposing an item. The only activity for item proposals have been from Western fans; the items relate purely to Piko's design.



In Vocaloid3's era, the items are referred to less often and the practice is rarely seen at all. And more mascot illustrations reveal miscellaneous items held or attached to the character.


PowerFX / VocaTone
  • Oliver (Finch (birds) / Chainsaw) Unofficial
  • YOHIOloid (Cubi) Unofficial

There is little activity for Oliver to have an actual item. Instead fanart depicts him with bird related themes or "James" the finch. These are considered artistic choices and not actual item proposals. However, there are sources outside of VocaloidOtaku and the wiki. The popular past time on Tumblr is the creation of "ASK-Blogs", these blogs are commonly produced under the guise that a fictional character is receiving and answering questions by the community. During Oliver's promotional release in 2011 a few appeared and became known.

On the 19th of November 2011 an anonymous questioner sent messages that appeared to be engagement proposals, this resulted in upsetting Ask!Oliver who told the Anon to go away. Another entry appeared on the 20th with an anonymous stating that they gave Oliver a chainsaw to ward off the previously creepy Anon. The incident appears to have popularized enough that the Chainsaw is personified as being female.

After YOHIOloid's release, Sartika3091, the illustrator of YOHIOloid, released artwork of YOHIOloid's pets on DeviantArt. Cubi is the name of the pet mascot on YOHIOloid's box art.

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Avanna's illustration was released in November 2012. There has been little to no activity for her to have a character item.


Voctro Labs
  • Bruno (Discuss) Not determined, or unknown
  • Clara (Discuss) Not determined, or unknown
  • Maika (Discuss) Not determined, or unknown

Since Bruno and Clara are Spanish in origin, the English speaking fans have not interfered with item suggestions, and it unknown if there is activity about it.


  • Yuzuki Yukari (Discuss) Not determined
  • Tohoku Zunko (Discuss) Not determined
  • Mew (Sabami the cat) Not determined
  • VY1v3 /items remained as mentioned above
  • Tone Rion (Discuss) Not determined
  • Aoki Lapis (Discuss) Not determined
  • VY2v3 /items remained as mentioned above
  • ZOLA Project (Yuu, Kyo, and Wil) (Discuss) Not determined
  • Merli (Discuss) Not determined
  • Macne Nana (Discuss) Not determined
  • anon & kanon (Discuss) Not determined
  • flower (Discuss) Not determined
  • galaco (Loudspeaker) Not determined

It is only speculation if the fandom views the headgear the characters are designed with as their item. However, it is common to see Lapis with small food stuffs such as cookies or crackers.

  • Kaito V3 /items remained as mentioned above
  • Hatsune Miku V3 English and Hatsune Miku V3 /items remained as mentioned above
  • Meiko V3 /items remained as mentioned above
Exit Tunes
  • Mayu (Axe / Usano Mimi) Not determined

It is only speculation if the fandom views the objects seen with Mayu's official illustration as being her items.

Internet Co., Ltd
  • V3 Megpoid /items remained as mentioned above
  • CUL (Discuss) Not determined
  • V3 Lily /items remained as mentioned above
  • V3 Gackpoid /items remained as mentioned above
  • Kokone (Discuss) Not determined
  • V3 Gachapoid still Not determined
  • Chika (Discuss) Not determined
  • Ring Suzune (Discuss) Not determined
  • Hibiki Lui (Discuss) Not determined
We've Inc.

It is only speculation if the fandom views Mew's cat Sabami (Savami) as her companion item.


SBS Artech
  • SeeU (Grape seed oil / Persimmon / Cream Puff) Unofficial and debated

In reference to her mascot, the story goes that someone came up with the notion that her name, SeeU, when pronounced in Korean, is similar to Ssi-Yu, which means Seed Oil. Another popular proposal that has been around since her release is persimmons (홍시; Hongsi) and cream puffs, both of which grew in popularity by song and art uploads.

[58] [59] [60] [61]


Shanghai He Nian
  • Luo Tianyi (Tian Dian) Not determined
  • YanHe (Discuss) Not determined
  • Yuezheng Ling (Discuss) Not determined
  • Zhanyin Lorra (Discuss) Not determined

It is only speculation if the fandom views Tianyi's companion as her item. When the character was known was Yayin Gongyu, her profile stated that she likes haw apples. This item was also attached to her clothing.


[62] [63] [64] [65]

Misc. Vocaloids

  • Akikoloid-chan (price checker) Not determined
Music Airport
  • Ueki-loid (Discuss) Not determined

Vocaloid 4


  • VY1v4 /items remained as mentioned above
  • v4 flower still Not determined
  • Sachiko (Discuss) Not determined
  • Arsloid (Discuss) Not determined
  • Unity-chan (Kohaku Otori) (Discuss) Not determined
  • Fukase (Discuss) Not determined
  • Megurine Luka V4X /items remained as mentioned above
  • Kagamine Rin V4X /items remained as mentioned above
  • Kagamine Len V4X /items remained as mentioned above
  • Yuzuki Yukari still Not determined
  • SF-A2 miki V4 /items remained as mentioned above
  • Nekomura Iroha V4 /items remained as mentioned above
  • Kaai Yuki V4 /items remained as mentioned above
  • Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 /items remained as mentioned above
Internet Co., Ltd
  • Gackpoid: Kamui Gakupo V4 /items remained as mentioned above
  • Megpoid V4 /items remained as mentioned above
We've Inc.
  • Rana V4 still Not determined


  • CYBER DIVA (Discuss) Not determined


Shanghai He Nian
  • Stardust: Xingchen (Discuss) Not determined
  • Yuezheng Longya (Discuss) Not determined

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