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What are this wiki's policies?

Who is the current admin of this wiki?

What are notifications used for?

  • The notifications here are very straight forward. They are:
{{You will have to be more specific with your question}}
{{These types of questions can't be answered by contributors}}
{{These types of questions won't be answered by contributors}}

What if I want to update or expand an answer to a question?

  • Inform users by using this template.
{{This answer is subject to change by contributors}}

How do I search for an existing question?

What are this wiki's categories?

  • General usages are "Who" "What" "Where" "Why" "How". Others included "Are" and "Can"

How do I redirect a page in case of duplicate questions?

{{This is a frequently asked question}}
{{This is a frequently asked question about VOCALOID relationships}}
  • Or use wiki coding
Type #REDIRECT [[PageName]]

Read more about redirect here.

How do I source link?

Linking a page in VOCALOID Answers can be done by adding two brackets [[]] on each side.

  • VOCALOID wiki, template {{VW|<PageName>}}
  • VOCALOID Lyrics wiki, template {{VLW|<PageName>}}
  • UTAU wiki, template {{UW|<PageName>}}
  • Wikipedia, [[Wikipedia:<page name>]].

Can I upload images?

  • First and foremost, VOCALOID Wiki's image policy also applies to VOCALOID Answers.
  • Images are to be uploaded for the purpose of answering a question only.

Special instances

Should there be no admin around when nonies or other users are vandalizing or asking bad questions:

  • Registered users can use {{Warning}} to warn the vandal. This serves as an official warning and must be used constructively.
  • Also seek help from the VSTF wiki