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  • 08 May '13 | Going to resort the questions about Music to one article. I will be shortening the line typed, changing "What information can be given about --" to simply "What about --" or "Information about --". This will only work for questions that have been repeated asked.


  • 19 December '12 | Maintenance report. The questions have now been sorted into subject categories, making things much easier to find and focus on.
    * Mascot categories were created for questions that are specifically about a character.
    * There is still sorting to do, but mainly everything is complete. Along with the update to the Navigation.
  • 14 December '12 | Maintenance has been continuous. The new categories will be the end of the Five Ws and More Stater Qs categories. These will be used as temporary cats until the appropriate one can be created or the page can be placed in an existing one.
  • 12 December '12 | The templates {Notice/cant answer} and {Notice/wont answer}
  • 12 December '12 | The wiki is still going through maintenance, more catch all pages have been updated and new categories have been created while others have been deleted. See Category:Question categories for listings. The navigation bar has been updated to link to categories that were moved out of the Answered questions category.
    The Home page was updated, and once again inspired by the Avatar:TLA Answer Wiki. And more disclaimers will be present around the wiki to discourage people from using this as a direct and truthful source. As much as I (Bunai82) love Vocaloid, I understand that my research can be limited by language and lack of digging deeper in a subject.
  • 27 October '12 | With apologies to the community. The current Admin was on a hiatus due to computer issues and a lack of time to be spent on the wiki. The Vocaloid Answer wiki will be seeing some maintenance in the coming months:
    * such as redirecting questions that to already answered questions of similar context.
    * placing common starter questions in their proper categories. For example questions starting with "What" into the "What category".
    * checking for spam and vandalism.
  • 27 October '12 | Project:Archive


  • 26 December '11 | Policy page created
  • 12 August '11 | {{Notice}} template and page guide have been created.
  • 25 July '11 | Questions have been sorted into categories, most common have been moved to FAQs category.
  • 25 July '11 | User:Bunai82 or frequent contributors, will try to keep things organized.
  • 25 July '11 | Layout inspired by Avatar:TLA Answer Wiki. View What is this site about.