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Where to buy? / How to buy?

Most Vocaloid software can be purchased by directly from their respective companies (studio) website. It is recommended that you try checking or contacting an official Vocaloid producing company about purchasing the software. Attempting to legally purchase the software can vary per Vocaloid, this is especially true for Japanese voicebanks. Sometimes Amazon has the software, but even then this is not always the easiest route to persue, because when going through a third party or risk buying on aution sites such as eBay, it is not known if the Vocaloid voicebank is legitimate or not.

There are options of import for Japanese Vocaloids, such as Rakuten: Global Market and AmiAmi [Character & Hobby Shop], considered common places to buy. However please note that it is impossible to get Rin/Len Act 1 due to the Act 1 banks no longer being available for purchase. In addtion, many search engines now have shopping portals, if you type "Vocaloid" into the search bar, you may get results leading to which online store can ship Vocaloid software.

  • The company...
    • Power-FX currently has four Vocaloids available. Many of them can be ordered by going to their website.
    • Zero-G currently has seven Vocaloids available. Many of them can be ordered by going to their website.
    • Downloadable versions of Yamaha's Vocaloid 3 voicebanks are available from the English site of VOCALOID STORE.

How expensive? What is the average cost?

You can expect to pay up to $230 for a Vocaloid, though it depends on the studio and what you're after. The cost can also vary depending on the language type of the Vocaloid. Japanese vocaloids tend to cost more due to shipping internationally. For Vocaloid 3, the main software is separate from the voicebanks. You only have to buy the engine once and then you can buy other vocals, so the price is much cheaper. For Vocaloid 2, the price is higher because the engine is sold with every Vocaloid. This also applies for the original Vocaloid software. However, English Vocaloid voicebanks are the cheapest voicebanks to get a hold of most of the time. Unless you go for the Kagamine original software that Kagamine Act 2 replaced, since its a retired voicebank it will fetch over $230 at the cheapest.

  • A Vocaloid1 or Vocaloid2...
    • Japanese Vocaloid will cost you about anywhere from $200 to $300. Also if you plan on buying Appends for Miku, Rin, or Len then you must also have the original banks installed.
    • English Vocaloid will cost you about anywhere from $80 ( Vocaloid 1: LE♂N, L♀LA, or MIRIAM ) to $200 ( Vocaloid 2: Tonio and Prima ). The average being about $129 ( Vocaloid 2: Big Al or Sweet Ann).
  • A Vocaloid3...
    • Oliver has been estimated to be about $129 USD as well but will not include the full editor like in vocaloid 2. The vocaloid 3 engine will cost about $100 USD alone. However some Vocaloid 3 have been bundled and cost about $200-$400.
    • Yamaha's Vocaloid 3 voicebanks are downloadable at reasonable price from VOCALOID STORE. For example, VY1V3 is $124 USD. The full editor is sold separately.
    • Another note is that unlike Crypton appends, V3 Megpoid does not require the original Megpoid to be used but each extension is separate and costs about $200 and will need the full V3 Editor to work.

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