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The Answers here are gathered from sources such as: media, the fandom, and self-knowledge. So please view this information with caution, and be careful when quoting answers as official, because they may not be official or widely accepted. These pages are subject to obsolescence, and also interpretation, reedits, possible bias, and vandalism depending on the current contributor.

Bear in mind that Vocaloid Answers Wiki is not an official affiliation of Vocaloid™, Yamaha or associated companies; the Editor(s) of this Wiki are not a part of Yamaha(or various companies) staff, they are not the developers of third party software. It is possible to seek contact by going to the respective developers official websites.

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  • Please search the question you want to ask in the field to the top-right, or the FAQ section. Someone has most likely answered the same question.
  • If you have a question relating to Vocaloid, UTAU or other similar software, try to specify within the question. The most obvious do not require a software name.
  • You must phrase your question in a way that makes sense. If a question is phrased oddly, then it will not be answered properly. Please consider rephrasing or using your questions talk page to make your question more clearer.


If you know more about Vocaloid and related software, please correct answers accordingly, thank you.

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