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English lyrics: During these fleeting days where nothing ever happens I sit in the same seat as always "Well then, what do you think?" As if attempting again, the textbook without numbers said something

If you're asking about my results well, they're fine I guess On this scrap paper was a 100% perfect score While grinning shyly, you sat down on the chair next to me you, the one with a low grade Outside the window, there's nothing that I wish for because I'll already know what will happen "Hey, if that's how it is, then that's really boring." You always seemed so cheerful

Don't touch the heart that wants to disappear anymore than this Today too, it can't be found anywhere on this earth The alarm that starts ringing says to alone me: "You're a coldhearted fool." Even if I'm told a miracle answer It's no use because everything will somehow become obvious "If I died right now, someone would replace me." Even just muttering that is so foolish

Although these floating days keep repeating, whenever you're absent, I get an uncomfortable feeling Well, anyway, even if my test results are returned tomorrow, they probably won't get any better either

Somewhere in these non-hectic days, something might have already gone wrong, The color of your hair your smile Some people might have already forgotten them "The window next to the vacant seat, will anything be reflected from it?" Even though I tried to know you There wasn't even on thing that I wasn't able to solve

If I were able to get even a little bit closer to the answer then these days could've continued forever At the moment where I stop the ringing alarm I'm forced to notice that everything is gone. In the classroom the heart that wants to disappear was hurt You kept hiding it over and over again behind a smile The smile of you, who flew out this window and died I won't ever forget it Not even tomorrow

The song is about a genius boy who is very introverted and coldhearted who is questioning what he will do with his life. A less smarter girl tries to be friends with him. She always seems happy to him lightening his day. Then one day he sees her crying, and wants to comfort her, but he doesn't know how, because he never interacts with people. Then next day, he finds that she has committed suicide.

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