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According to a YouTube upload Cotton, is a proposed Vocaloid, not an official or upcoming voicebank. The account to promote the pseudo creation was made May 23, 2012. The creator appears to be a child of fourteen and from Argentina.

What is Cotton?

Cotton (コットン) is a male Japanese, English and Spanish voicebank voiced by Miko chan (みこちゃん). Has been born on 23 of may on 1998 (actually 14 years). Has affection to Suzune Ring and MAYU. Dislike study and dark places. Item is a golden knife. It's voice type is like cool and soft in most places.

  • Movie:みこちゃん
  • Images:Google pics
  • Voice:みこちゃん
  • Idea and creator:みこちゃん
  • Director of the project:みこちゃん

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