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Even if this is true, and always take rumours with a pinch of salt, it can only be Vocaloid if Yamaha approves of it. If its not the case, then its a hacked version of Vocaloid and Yamaha can attempt to get a copyright infringement off of the offenders. Yamaha holders the right to the licensing of the software.

The recording of samples themselves are complex, they are done in many pronounications and many keys. the risk is a poor pronounced voicebank with poor samples.

Other then that, most UTAU users fall into that age group thus you have to be careful their not mixing the two software up. Most hackers are also at college level, its a little much to ask a 13-15 to hack software, not unheard of, but a little farfetched. A more realisitic age would be 18 through to 25.

The software itself has already been hacked via "Pocaloid", so its nothing new.

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