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Partly sprung from her name and partly sprung for misconception in general is the myth Miku Hatsune was the very first Vocaloid, or just the first Vocaloid 2. However in both cases this is a mistake. Firstly, Miku is written as Vocaloid 2. The first vocaloids are Leon and Lola, which were released together and the first Japanese vocaloid is MEIKO. Those who exchange this information often neglect to actually check on her release date. Secondly, Sweet Ann was released as the first Vocaloid 2 before Miku into the English speaking market. Miku has a surname "Hatsune" which means "first sound" because she is the first Japanese Vocaloid 2 of Vocaloid2 Character Vocaloid Series by Crypton.

However, Miku was the first Vocaloid to have sprung. Her character settings gave the creators the idea for her voice and apperance, which then set their minds to creating more Vocaloids. Added to the character's shoulder is '01', symbolizing the fact that Miku was the first created Vocaloid android.

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