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  • Vocaloid Wiki: 秘蜜〜黒の誓い〜_(Himitsu_~Oath_of_Black~)

Who sung this song?

It's a song sung by Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len' music, lyrics, arrangement by Hitoshizuku-P, PV by Suzunosuke. sm10282629

Is this song involved in an anime?

Alluring Secret: Black Vow is an original Vocaloid song and is not based off an anime. It is also not involved in in an anime. What you most likely are referring to is the music video (known as promotional video) created by the authors of the song or fan made videos.

These videos can be found on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube.

What is the meaning of the song?

Though the story is open to interpretation that general theme is about an angel who goes against god to become a man so that she can fall in love with a girl she meets but is dragged off to hell after giving up her life to save the girl she loves.

What is Alluring Secret Black Vow about?

Interpretation 1

The most popular theory is that Rin, an angel, met and fell in love with Miku who was human. Miku rejects Rin as she was engaged and possibly because Rin was an angel and appeared to be female. Rin makes a deal with the devil and becomes a boy (seen as Len) so Miku will fall in love with her. Later, another angel (Kaito?) who was possibly Rin's past lover or friend was angered by her relationship with Miku and shot Miku out of that rage. Rin discovers Miku's body and gives her life so that Miku can live. In the end it is said that the two can never meet again until they stop loving each other.

Interpretation 2

The song tells of an angel (Rin) that stumbles upon a girl (Miku) who the angel instantly becomes in love with. But, love between an angel and a human is forbidden, and the angel yearns to find a way for them to be together. Afterwards the girl (Miku) meets a mysterious boy (Len; who is Rin who traded one of his wing to be a human/boy), and falls in love. Although she is to be wed to another man and she then left with him. But, another man, shot the girl and killed her. The angel gave up her last wing to save the girl, sacrificing herself.

Interpretation 3

At the begining of the song there is a fallen angel (Rin) that stumbles upon a human girl (Miku) after getting her heart broken. The angel falls in love at first sight but the feeling is not mutual. The human girl is engaged and has a fiance and does not love the angel back. An angel falling in love with a human is an unforgivable sin so the angel wants to find a way to love the human and decides to strike a deal with the devil. The angel signed a contract with the devil and, in exchange for her wings and pure heart, turned her into a human boy. On the wedding of the human, the human girl meets a mysterious boy(Len) that appears from the forest and she instanly fell in love. She left behind everything and followed the boy. They both were deeply in love with each other. One day, judgement be falls the human girl and she is killed by an angel who was in love with the fallen angel and was her friend (Kaito). He shot and killed the human girl out of anger and rage. When the boy came back he told the girl of his sins and made another deal. He gave his life up to save the girl he loved. When he did this, he was reavealed as the fallen angel that the human girl met in the begining. The angel died and the sin of the human and angel in love would only be forgiven when they stop loving each other. Only then would they be allowed to see each other again.

What is Alluring Secret White Vow?

Alluring Secret: White Vow is a response song to Alluring Secret Black Vow where the widow (who is implied to be Miku) explains how she felt for the fallen angel (who is implied to be Rin) and what she does after the angel is dragged off to hell for falling in love with a human.

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