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Read more about the songs and adaptations on the The Evillious Chronicles or The Evillious Chronicles wiki.

What is the general information?


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What is Evillious Chronicles about?

Interpretation 1

The Evillous Chronicles are a series by a producer named MOTHY or Akuno-P. The series groups the other series of songs done by the author, and most of his works (with exception of some few collaborative projects). One of the most popular song series out is the one related with "Daughter of Evil" sung by Rin Kagamine.

The story last 1000 years, takes place in the fictitious region of Evillious, in the continent Bolgiano and revolves around the Seven Deadly Sins released after the Eve Moonlit's action tainted the world with the Sin and the Crime.

The series has its own article on Vocaloid Wiki, which follows the several characters and songs that conforms it. Due the release of new songs by Mothy, the article is in constant expansion and updating.

Interpretation 2

The Evillous Chronicles are a set of songs by Mothy/Akuno-P that emphasis the seven deadly sins. Most fans include the following:

  • The Madness of Duke Venomania (lust)
  • Evil Food Eater Conchita (gluttony)
  • The Story of Evil Series (pride)
  • Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep (sloth)
  • The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka (envy)
  • Judgement of Corruption (greed)
  • the Seven Deadly Sins Series , which is part of The Evillous Chronicles.

The song for wrath has not yet been released.

Also included are the Clockwork Lullaby Saga, Original Sin Series, and The End of the Four.

Other songs that aren't part of any of the series listed above are The Fifth: Pierrot, Flower of the Plateau, The Last Revolver, and several others not listed.

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