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If you mean can you download other version of Vocaloid if you paid for one particular version then the answer is no. This is because you pay for each vocaloid editor separately. However, if you are asking if you purchased a vocaloid and want to import it into other vocaloid editors, the answer is yes BUT their are restrictions. Any Vocaloid from Vocaloid 2 can be imported into Vocaloid 3 but not into Vocaloid 1. However, Vocaloids from Vocaloid 3 cannot be imported into Vocaloid 1 or 2 and must stay on Vocaloid 3. Finally, Vocaloids from Vocaloid 1 cannot go into either Vocaloid 2 or Vocaloid 3. If you use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that is supported by Vocaloid 1 and 2, you can rewire them into the DAW so that all voices can sing together.* However, Vocaloid 3 does not support ReWire function.

  • Note: This does not work with FL-Studios due to incapability with Vocaloid 1. It will also require a very fast and powerful PC in order to rewire all the editors into a single DAW system.