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Sonika is not confirmed due for a Vocaloid 3 release. If you are after a English voicebank, all Voclaoid2 vocals can be imported into Voclaoid3. Plus, while currently only Oliver is released for the engine, do note there are several other English voicebanks due:

  • Hatsune Miku English
  • Kaito English
  • Meiko English
  • V3 Luka
  • Luka Append
  • Kagamine English
  • Zero-G's Celtic Vocaloid
  • PowerFX's next Vocaloid
  • SeeU English
  • Megpoid English
  • A Male English Bplats vocal
  • A Female English Bplats vocal.

Thats 13 vocals at least, the most this software has ever seen expected for English.

With the exception of the Bplats ones, we've status updates on all of them in recent months. The Bplats have been known but not revealled and are likely not due until at least after VY2v3's release.

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