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Some notes on hidden phonetics;

  • Different Hidden phonemes will do different things that you may not hear directly. For example, [Asp] effects the consonants and [Sil] effects vowels.
  • Some languages have less use of the phonetics ([asp] is not as useful to a English Vocaloid, but [sil] is more useful for them).
  • Again with [*_0], for some languages such as English there is less need for them.
  • Other then this, some Vocaloids do work with some phonetics at all, but it depends on the language (e.g. [-] does not work for Japanese Vocaloids).
  • Breath samples ([br1]-[br5]) are not included on some Vocaloids and are taken from pre-corded samples. However, [Sil], [Asp], [-], [*_0] and [?] are handled by the Vocaloid engine and therefore work with any Vocaloid for a language the phonetics are assigned to work with.
  • You may also need to adjust character settings and dynamics to hear each one better.

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