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==Vocaloid 1==


*Leon ()
*Lola ()
*Miriam ()


*Meiko ()
*Kaito ()

==Vocaloid 2==


*Sweet Ann ()
*Big Al ()

*Prima ()
*Sonika ()
*Tonio ()


*SF-A2 miki ()
*Kaai Yuki ()
*Hiyama Kiyoteru ()
*Nekomura Iroha ()

*VY1 ()
*VY2 ()

*Hatsune Miku ()
*Kagamine Rin ()
*Kagamine Len ()
*Megurine Luka ()
** ''Hatsune Miku Append'' ()
** ''Kagamine Rin Append'' ()
** ''Kagamine Len Append'' () 

;Internet Co
*(Gackpoid) Kamui Gakupo () 
*(Megpoid) Gumi () 
*Lily ()
*(Gachapoid) Ryuto ()

*Utatane Piko ()

==Vocaloid 3== 

;PowerFX / VocaTone
*Oliver ()

*Avanna ()

;Voctro Labs
*Bruno ()
*Clara ()

;1st Place
*IA ()

*Yuzuki Yukari ()

*VY1v3 ()
*VY2v3 ()

*Kaito V3 ()

;Exit Tunes
*Mayu ()

;Internet Co
*Vocaloid 3 Gackpoid ()
*Vocaloid 3 Megpoid ()
*CUL ()
*Vocaloid 3 Lily ()
*Vocaloid 3 Gachapoid ()

;i-Style Project 
*Aoki Lapis ()
*Merli ()

;Moe Japan
*Tone Rion ()

*Ring Suzune ()
*Hibiki Lui ()

*Mew ()

;SBS Artech
*SeeU ()

;Bplats / Shanghai He Nian
*Luo Tianyi () 

===Misc. Vocaloids===
;Internet Co
*Galaco ()

*Akikoloid-chan ()

;Music Airport
*Ueki-loid ()

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''Vocaloid 1''
;[[Leon and Lola]]
;[[Lola and Leon]]
;[[Meiko and Kaito]]
;[[Kaito and Meiko]]

''Vocaloid 2''
;[[Sweet Ann]]
;[[Big Al]]
;[[SF-A2 miki]]
;[[Kaai Yuki]]
;[[Hiyama Kiyoteru]]
;[[Nekomura Iroha]]
;[[Hatsune Miku]]
;[[Hatsune Miku Append]]
;[[Miku Append]]
;[[Rin and Len]]
;[[Len and Rin]]
;[[Kagamine Rin]]
;[[Kagamine Len]]
;[[Kagmine Rin Append]]
;[[Kagamine Len Append]]
;[[Rin Append]]
;[[Len Append]]
;[[Megurine Luka]]
;[[Kamui Gakupo]]
;[[Utatane Piko]]

''Vocaloid 3''
;[[Bruno and Clara]]
;[[Clara and Bruno]]
;[[Yuzuki Yukari]] 
;[[Kaito V3]]
;[[Vocaloid 3 Gackpoid]]
;[[Vocaloid 3 Megpoid]]
;[[Vocaloid 3 Lily]]
;[[Vocaloid 3 Gachapoid]]
;[[Aoki Lapis]]
;[[Tone Rion]]
;[[Ring Suzune]]
;[[Hibiki Lui]]
;[[Luo Tianyi]] 


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