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in order to add a voice bank in vocaloid 2 there are a few steps that must be taken. 1.First make sure that the voice bank is a legal voice bank for Vocaloid. Only vocaloid voicebanks will work in vocaloid. 2. Make sure you have the correct editor edition. Certain vocaloids will not work with certain versions of vocaloid. 3. Once you have installed either using the standard or custom install (Standard will install the editor that came with the voice bank along with the voice bank while custom will only install the voice bank) You need to enter the voice perimeter settings and add the voice to the voice editor program by clicking on add a new voice. 4. From here you will have to open up the vocaloid editor itself and select the voice bank.

Please note this wiki or this editor is not responsible for any damage done to your PC while attempting to install vocaloids or other programs onto your PC.

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