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Officially and actively there are 49 (forty nine) Vocaloids, minus extended Vb's.

Currently there have been 4-- voicebanks released so far between the 3-- Vocaloid vocals over the course of Vocaloid and Vocaloid 2.

Please note it is currently not 100% confirmed just how many voicebanks are on their way for Vocaloid 3 and what we know right now is still subject to change.

VOCALOID - Total: 05
VOCALOID 2 - Total: 20 (Kagamine Rin/Len are two voicebanks)
VOCALOID 3 - Total: 14 (This includes the updated voicebanks)
Announced for V3 - Total: 4 (This includes the updates/append)
Non-Commercial: Total 3
Grand Total: 49 original Vocaloids.

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