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The studio involved will first work out a licensing deal with Yamaha. They buy the license to produce their own Vocaloids, are sent the basics of the tool kit from Yamaha. They then have to aquire staff members that can encrypt data and secure the sale of Vocaloids they make the best they can.

Next they need a singer, who is aquired from various means. Each studio has a plan of progression and will make Vocaloids according to their planned releases. A singer is hired to provide the samples, a few tests are done on the vocal before they begin to hear how the Vocaloid software will play out with the vocalists vocals. Not every Vocalist's voice is suitable for the Vocaloid software and it is important that they run tests at some point during the production to save time and money. When everything is given the green light, they begin the recording process.

Over the course of one or more recording sessions, the singer provides vocal samples by reading off a script in various different keys. The script covers all possible phonetic and diaphonetic data needed for the process to begin. Depending on language and the vocalists skills at singing, this may take anywhere up to a month or more to complete the recording session. Singers may also record a second sample session if need be to increase the quality of the Vocaloids results.

After the recording sessions take place, the samples go off to be cleaned up and have their data cut and sliced so they can construct the vocal library from these samples. The samples needed for the Vocaloid software are constructed from the vocal samples produced by the vocalist. However, in some cases two samples may have to be assembled together to create the correct sound, as some languages are more difficult to gather the sounds from than others. Other samples may need further manipulation to sound more on target with the sound. This takes anywhere up to at least 4 months to do and depends on the size of the voicebank library that needs to be contructed on how long it will take.

At some point the name of the product and the art will be selected for the Vocaloid. Depending on the aim of the Vocaloid depends on the artwork style. The name is created to seperate that particular Vocaloid from any other one. Promotional marketing may take place alongside this, however, Vocaloid studios do different things to promote their products with some relying solely on the fan base and others more on in-house or 3rd party marketing sales companies.

Finally after months of work, the Vocaloid is released to be met by the fans. After sale, the studio behind the product can go back and look at the results of the Voclaoid's release, put new money into the product of more Vocals and begin the process of making a Vocaloid all over again.