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How do you pronounce the vocaloid names?

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Vocaloid: vo-ca-loyd

LEON: Lee-on

LOLA: Low-la

Miriam: Meer-ee-am

MEIKO: Me-eck-co/May-ko

Kaito: Kahy-et-toe

Sweet Ann: Sweet-an

Hatsune Miku: Hat-sue-nee Me-kue

Kagamine Rin: Ka-ga-me-ne Reen

Kagamine Len: Ka-ga-me-ne Len

Prima: Pree-ma

Kamui Gakupo "Gackpoid": Ka-moo-ee Ga-kue-po "Gack-poyd"

Megurine Luka: Meg-ur-in-ne Lue-ka

Gumi "Megpoid": Goo-me "Meg-poyd"

Sonika: Son-ick-ka

SF-A2 Miki: Es-ef-A-to Me-kee

Kaai Yuki: Kaa-ee You-kee

Kiyoteru Hiyama: Key-yo-terr-rue Hi-ya-ma

Big Al: Big Al

Tonio: Tone-ee-O

Lily: Lil-lee

VY1 "Mizki": Vee-Y-one "Mizz-kee"

Gachapoid: Gach-cha-poyd

Nekomura Iroha: Neck-O-moar-rah I-roah-ha

Utatane Piko: You-ta-ta-ne Pee-kou/Oo-ta-ta-ne Pee-co

VY2 "Yuma": Vee-Y-two "You-ma"

Mew: Mew

SeeU: See-You

Ring Suzune: Ring Sue-zoo-ne

Tone Rion: Too-ne Ree-on

Remember, this information may not be exact.

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