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What type of questions can't be answered by Vocaloid Wiki
Questions on How to become (a part of the Vocaloid business / an official illustrator / a Voice provider for Vocaloid), and other similar questions.

As previous stated on the Main Page, the Vocaloid and Answer Wiki consist of contributors and fans, thus they have no inside knowledge on how to be a part of the business involving Vocaloid.

Contributors are free to give their theories, but take caution of the information provided. See page history

The process seems to vary for each company.

  • Finding a voice actor (professional or amateur) by searching their resume.
  • Finding a amateur singer (professional or amateur) by searching their resume.
  • Finding a professional singer that is already well known.

In 2011, with the announcement of new vocals, there were contests to be the voice of a voicebank. It should be known that once someone lends their voice to a character, under contract, that voice sample now belongs to the company. It is unknown what type of financial process is involved.

edit 10/30/11: Also with this Zero-G has mentioned in interviews that they also ask the voice actor to demonstrate there singing in order to determine if they will obtain the part.

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