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General questions about Wikia

Section 1

How to change my user avatar?

Go to your profile and hover over a box located in the top right corner of your screen, just beside your username. A text "Edit avatar" will appear under the box, click the link and a new window will appear. You can upload your desired (appropriate) profile picture by clicking "Browse" and selecting it from the folder where it is placed in your computer. Click "Save, I'm done" to save changes.

I just registered to be a Wikian, but I wanna quit how do I do it?

An account cannot be deleted following its creation. If the user wishes to disable the account, read a help page about it here.

If you want to see if you have any messages, where do you go on your profile?

Go here and beside the tab "Profile", there is a tab called "Discussion" / "Talk" / "Message Wall". The tab contains the messages posted on the user's wall. Although the wikia bar, located at the top part of the screen, has a chat balloon icon on the right side intended to alert users if they have received any new messages. Just hover over the icon and a list of newest messages that the user has received will appear.

How do I report a comment?

If a comment is proven to be against the policy, it can be reported in the Admin's talk page or to the message wall of any active admins in both Vocaloid Wiki and Vocaloid Answers Wiki. Comments can also be reported to any active rollbacks in Vocaloid Wiki.

The same procedure can be used for related wikis, but understand those wikis have their own set of polices and Admins.

To report a comment, it is important that the URL of the comment must be linked in the message. The URL of the comment can be found by clicking the name of the user who posted the comment or the name, An anonymous contributor, if it is an unregistered user. After being redirected to their contributions, find the policy-violating comment that they made which has a format of:

  • Talk:<name of page>/@comment-<username or IP address>-<numbers>

Click the link and the page where the comment was posted will appear. The URL should now appear as:

  • /wiki/<name of page>#comm-<numbers>

Copy the part of the URL after /wiki/ and link it by putting brackets [[]] on each end.

Vocaloid Wiki:

(currently unavailable due to some issues)

Vocaloid Answers Wiki:

How do you delete a question?

Questions can only be deleted by administrators. Unregistered contributors and autoconfirmed users do not have that particular ability. If a question needs to be deleted, mark it for speedy deletion by adding the {{Delete}} template.

How do you rename a question?

Refer to Rename page.

How to remove a comment?

Comments can only be deleted by administrators and rollbacks. Unregistered contributors and autoconfirmed users do not have that particular ability. If a comment needs to be deleted, it can be reported to any available administrators or use the Administrator Noticeboard.

Vocaloid Wiki:

(currently unavailable due to some issues)

Vocaloid Answers Wiki:

Section 2

I placed an answered question in the wrong category, how do I undo that?

By doing the following:

Click the "Edit" button and look at "Categories" on the right side. Remove or replace any categories you feel were incorrect and click "Publish".

If you wrote "oops wrong category" or something along the lines, make sure you delete that part as well.

How can I create a forum thread?

For creating a forum thread, go to the forums in Vocaloid Wiki. Click on the appropriate topic's space, type the forum's name, and in the edit window, type its content.

The related wikis in connection to Vocaloid Wiki also have their own Forum space.

How do I search through available images on Wiki?

It can be checked in Category:Images.

How to upload an image?

How to

Go to Special:Upload and follow the instructions there.


It is important to note that images should be licensed properly, or at least sorted and must follow the image guidelines. They are not to be irrelevant to the wiki, violate wikia TOU, and must not solely be used for profile pages. Administrators give a warning with a alternative (Template:Imagehotlink) for linking images from image hosts; should the uploader fail to follow the image guidelines, the image is deleted. If the copyright holder of the image or the original artist does not want their image to be used, they can contact an administrator to take the image down even without the uploader's consent.

How do you make your own template?

All the information regarding templates can be found in:

Section 3

Where can I find help on a Wiki?

The help page for newcomers is available here. However, various administrators are always around and glad to help.

How do I search for a specific user?

Anonymous users can be identified by clicking the link An anonymous contributor or A Wikia contributor or just simply hovering the mouse icon over it, an URL would appear on the lower right of the browser. For registered users, it is possible to use the search bar. In "Advanced", make sure that everything except the Message Wall is unticked. This works as long as they have contributed to this site.

How many people answer questions here?

It is undetermined how many contributors are active at any given moment. As of February 2013, this wiki is still undergoing maintenance. The direct link to this Answer wiki has been removed from the Vocaloid wiki and also the 'related' footers to slow down traffic from questioners.

The current admin of the wiki (User:Bunai82) is always active as she is the one carrying out the maintenance tasks. If you want to view user names who are currently active, see Special:ListUsers for a listing. However, there are also anonymous contributors (called IPs) who are active. Due to some IP users leaving false information or spamming, their replies should be viewed with caution until they are checked. This is not to say that every anonymous contributor has malicious intentions.

Since there are so many questions being asked here, how can I follow or be alerted of when a question of mine is answered?


  • Watchlist shows all pages the user has visited that have changed recently.


  • Another alternative is to manually search a question, to see whether or not changes have been made to it since the user's last visit. It is possible to find a question by using the search bar, using a particular category tab or using the archive to find the question the user is looking for.


  • Questions the user asked recently should appear in the user's profile under "Recently Asked Questions". Or use can use 'Contributions' page.

Questions about VOCALOID Answers Wiki

How can I create a discussion here in Vocaloid Wiki?

Creating a discussion can be done by commenting on the page the user wishes to discuss with others. Comments must solely be related to the page itself.

How do I create a new page on Vocaloid Wiki?

At the top of the homepage you will see an "Add a page" link below the icon and next to the "number of pages on this wiki" text.

How do I make a poll on the Vocaloid Wikia?

If you intend to create a poll on the Vocaloid Wiki, it must be done in a blog posting or forum posting. Do not use nor create mainspace article pages on the Vocaloid Wiki to place polls. If you intend to create a poll page on the Vocaloid Answer Wiki, remember to categorize it in [[Category:Poll]]


The creation of a poll should look similar to this.

Title of poll
Choice 1
Choice 2

Take notice

  • If there were votes after you created your poll...
  • Making attempts to alter the title or choices will result in the poll's counted votes becoming zeros, basically it resets.

Where can I find the policies of Vocaloid Answers Wiki and who are the administrators?

Policies for this wiki can be found here. Being a part of Vocaloid Wiki, its policies apply here also. For the administrators, go here.

Why aren't answers signed on Vocaloid Answers?

On Vocaloid Answers (and Wikianswers in general), the aim is to create the one best answer to any question. Lots of people should collaborate on an answer rather than simply appending their own answer.

Every person answering is attributed at the end of the question page in the answered by section so they do not need to sign specific parts of the answer. Doing so would make it harder for others to improve on the answer.