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To make an engloid sing the word "scription" you will need to draw out two notes. In the first Note you will have to spell out the word "Script" ( Phonically spelled " s k r I p t "*. On the second note you will have to type in tion which is Phonically spelled " S V n "**.

  • Please note in order to make the word sound more realistic you may need to edit Script by moving the t phoneme to "tion". Also the english s phoneme is also used on its own. adding an extra s phoneme before the note will make the word sound more realistic. Finally Dynamics and Pitch bends will also be needed to remove the computerized sound that engloids have and to remove their accents.
  • It is recommended to replace the V phoneme with a @ unless you are using Sonika which it is then recommended to replace V with a Q. This will help remove some harshness from the voice. Also adding an extra sh phoneme " S " into a note before hand will help make an engloid sound more realistic.

Edit Also using the phoneme "Sil" to break apart consonants and vowels to emphises the consonant will also help engloids sound a bit more realistic. this is particularlly useful on vowel consonants sections and double consonants sections. Do note Vocaloids do not sound realisitc naturally without some work and none naturally sound realistic to a native speaker.