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What type of questions can't be answered by Vocaloid Wiki
Questions on Personal (issues / opinions / feedback) about Vocaloid series/products

Such things are best left to discussing on Vocaloid Wiki itself by using a Blog entry,User page,Wiki Forum, or better yet, a Vocaloid related message board. An attempt to answer these could result in a personal POV, which isn't the best way to answer a question. See page history

Unfortunately this can't be answered with out some bias due to each person having personal taste in music. However for the sake of answering here is a small list of English Vocaloid songs that have had positive reviews from fans

  • U know it Featuring Sonika by Daniel Castro
  • Fr@ture Featuring Big Al by MsConstantine91
  • Night of the Magic Featuring Sweet Ann by Shu-t
  • Angels Fly Away Featuring MIRIAM by Daifuku-p
  • Absolute Infection Featuring LE♂N by Daifuku-p
  • Right By Your Side Featuring LE♂N by Muzehack
  • EXISTENCE Featuring L♀LA by Shu-t
  • The Phantom Of The Opera Featuring Prima & Tonio by petertaylor13
  • Secret Featuring Luka Megurine by Arth

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