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Did you mean to list all the vocaloid voicebank? If you did, then:

LEON = English     
LOLA = English   
Miriam = English
MEIKO = Japanese
KAITO = Japanese
Sweet Ann = English     
Hatsune Miku = Japanese     
Kagamine Rin\Len = Japanese     
Prima = English     
Gackpoid = Japanese     
Megurine Luka = Japanese & English     
Megpoid = Japanese     
Sonika = English
SF-A2 miki = Japanese     
Kaai Yuki = Japanese     
Kiyoteru Hiyama = Japanese     
Big Al = English     
Tonio = English     
Lily = Japanese     
VY1 = Japanese     
Gachapoid = Japanese     
Nekomura Iroha = Japanese     
Utatane Piko = Japanese     
VY2 = Japanese     
Mew = Japanese     
SeeU = Korean & Japanese     
V3 Megpoid = Japanese     
VY1v3 = Japanese     
Tone Rion = Japanese     
Oliver = English     
CUL = Japanese     
Yuzuki Yukari = Japanese     
Bruno = Spanish     
Clara = Spanish     
IA = Japanese     
Megpoid - Native = Japanese     
Aoki Lapis = Japanese     
V3 Lily = Japanese

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